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06 March 2010 @ 06:47 pm
I'm Wicked through and through.  
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Name: Katie
Nickname: Kate, Kaytay, Katie Bear, Butter.
Age: Seventeen
Birthdate: January 26th.
Height: 5'8".
Likes: Short days followed with long nights, a good book, candles, music, art, singing on stage, sugar cookies, full moons, movie marathons with friends instead of school dances, originality, Disney, the smell of fresh acrylic paint on a canvas, dressing up, and a good cup of coffee.
Dislikes: Eyeliner (I like it on my top lid, just not my bottom lid), loosing things at the worst times, being absent minded, math, hunting, arrogance, new moons, when clothes don't fit, irony at the worst times, black coffee, and doing horribly at an audition.
Strong Points: I'm really quirky. I stand strong with my beliefs and defend them when people question them. I voice my opinion whenever it's needed, but at many times I'm left being as quiet as a mouse. I have a very strong sense of humor and I use it quite often whenever a situation is awkward or whenever I don't feel that comfortable. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't but I'm fine with that. I'm a dreamer and I spend a lot of my time with my thoughts far off, but feet remain on the ground. I care far more about people and their feelings then an average sane person would. I'm a surprisingly humble person. I don't think of myself as the best at everything and anything and I'm usually surprised when I get a compliment for something. However, I am very confident in myself and how I present myself to others. I do my best to be outgoing, even when it's not my best day. I'm also a hopeless romantic who believes very strongly in true love and that there is someone out there for everyone.
Weak Points: I am very stubborn and sarcastic. Often times if someone tries to convince me to do something, I won't do it. I need someone to provide good evidence that I should do it or else I won't. If it's school work, I'll do it. If it's a life decision, I might take it into consideration. My sarcasm can be a tad biting, but slightly humorous in a way. I'm very impatient and I cannot stand waiting for something either a long period of time or just five minutes, but I am patient with people. I'm just impatient with everyday things. I'm also pretty headstrong usually. If there is something that I want to achieve, I will work hard until I reach my goal. At the same time, I'm also very indecisive. When it comes to making a small decision, I can hardly make up my mind and I usually ask for someones opinion before I can decide. I'm even worse at figuring out what's best for me in the long run. Whether it be people in my life, colleges to go to, etc. I can never really figure out what's best. I'm trying to work on that more, what's best for myself rather than others. It's not something I want to do, but more of have to do, for my own sake.
Pet Peeves: Ignorance, arrogance, people who chew their food too loudly, when the water is left running, people who are fake, people who can't take a joke, when someone is nice to your face but talks crap behind your back, overly judgemental people, when I can't find something I just set down, and people who walk unbelieveably slow.
Hobbies: Singing, reading, writing, painting, drawing, and acting.
Talents: Singing, drawing, and painting.
Favorite Color: Red, teal, blue, purple, and green.
Favorite Food: Italian, Chinese, and French.
Favorite Sport: Hockey
Mature or Immature?: Mature
Leader or Follower?: Leader

Favorite Wicked Character [Any reason why?: I don't want to sway votes.

Anything else?: Thanks for voting!

And post at least 2 clear pictures of yourself or a brief description.

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Tlove_besos on April 1st, 2010 06:01 pm (UTC)
I think you're a mix between Elphaba and G(a)linda, but leaning towards Elphaba.
The hero of the storycaptain_sarah on June 29th, 2010 01:42 am (UTC)